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The New Orleans Public Belt is dedicated to providing customers with first-class transportation solutions that fit their unique needs, with a focus on safety, customer service, productivity, reliability and expense management. If you are interested in moving freight or any of our other unique services, our Business Development team is here to help.


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NOPB’s commercial expertise and diverse services are well-suited for importers and exporters alike.


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NOPB is connected to six Class I railroads and the Port of New Orleans



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Dimensional Shipment Rate Calculator


Please note the rate calculated is an estimate and must be confirmed with Invoiced amount will be based on actual weight of the lading per the waybill. Additional fees may apply for: Special Train Service, clearing of adjacent tracks, detention/storage, etc. For more information, please see our Our Tariff.

Shipper will be responsible for all applicable charges unless prior arrangements are made between shipper, NOPB and Stevedore.

If your load has any of the following special requirements, additional information may be needed for an accurate quote:

  • Less than 200,000 lbs., but exceeding LxWxH dimensions listed in Tariff
  • Over 12 ft. wide
  • Over 19 ft. ATR
  • Lading exceeds regular length
  • Load is 18ft or less
  • Center of gravity is 98 inches ATR

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