Leading the Way in Sustainability

NOPB is committed to sustainable practices and leveraging new technologies to reduce our footprint. We are not alone. We are part of a bigger movement in the freight rail industry. Railroads across the country have invested billions of dollars in an effort to make the most eco-friendly way to move freight over land even more sustainable for future generations. Did you know?

  • On average, freight rail can move one ton of freight 413 miles per gallon of fuel according to the Federal Railroad Administration
  • Freight railroads only account for 0.5% of total US greenhouse gas emissions and just 2% of emissions from transportation sources (source: US Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Moving freight by rail instead of truck lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 75%

Locomotive Idle Reduction Technology

NOPB’s locomotive fleet is outfitted with anti-idling technology, which significantly reduces fuel usage and emissions. Automatic Engine State Stop (AESS) technology automatically turns off a locomotive if it has been idling too long and restarts when needed, similar to the technology found on many automobiles.

New EMD Locomotive 2000

We Are A Clean Fleet Leader

NOPB is a proud member of the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership, a coalition of vehicle fleet managers and operators; alternative fuel, vehicle and technology providers; local, state and federal government agencies; and other organizations interested in promoting policies and practices that diversify our transportation fuel options, improve our environment and reduce fleets’ operational costs. The partnership is hosted by the Regional Planning Commission of New Orleans and is part of a larger US Department of Energy Clean Cities Coalition of nearly 100 cities across the country.

In 2018, NOPB was awarded the Clean Fleet Leader award for the sixth consecutive year. In 2017 alone, NOPB replaced the equivalent of 538,994 gallons of gasoline through energy savings technologies in our fleet.